Crocheted Silk Casaque 1924

This translation was made my a kind visitor to this site, Mary. She has tried it herself and found some errors in the instructions for which she has added corrections below. She is also preparing additional patterns for different sizes. Thanks, Mary!

We are happy to present to our readers the new silk "Artisoie Succes"; its qualities of comfort, elegance and reasonable price guarantee a growing popularity that put it in the front row among similar items already in existance. This silk is soft, warm and very light, as it uses half the weight of ordinary silk.

Instructions For The Jersey Size 44 (Finished size 37.75"/96 cm)

You'll need about 275 grammes of "Succes" silk and a #11 metal crochet hook. Begin work at the side.

Make a chain (172 chains) that make up the front, the back and the shoulder area. Chain 1 and insert hook in the front loop only of the stitch; draw through a loop, draw through a second and a third loop in the following 2 stitches in the same way (that is to say, always working in the front loop of the stitch); close the 4 loops on the hook; chain 1, reinsert hook in the last stitch and then in the next 2 stitches, etc. ;
chain 1 to turn. Repeat in the following rows always working in the Front Loop of the stitch: work 1 stitch in the first motif; 1 in the chain 1 space of the previous row; 1 in the second motif; close; chain 1.
Reinsert hook in the last motif made (from which the last loop was drawn); then in the chain 1, then in the next motif, etc. You should have 86 motifs. Work in this way for 20 rows which make 10 ribs. Work only 40 motifs (for the back) for 20 rows, also. Then, chain 12 and leave off to work later.

For The Front

Take up work at the point where you began work on the back and leave 6 motifs (12 stitches) unworked for the shoulder area between the two; work the other side for
18 rows (on 40 motifs), decreasing 1 motif at neckline edge per rib. Work another 18 rows making increases just as you made decreases. Work the 12 stitches left in waiting and work 20 rows over all the stitches, front and back, for the second shoulder.

For The Sleeves

Fold the work in half and work the 34 motifs in the middle. Make 2 ribs on each side.

Sew side seams under the arms. Around the bottom edge of the jersey, crochet two rows. Make a fringe that measures 5.5"/14 cm after it is knotted: take 5 strands of yarn measuring 11.75"/30 cm each, fold in half. With a crochet hook, pull one through each motif. Make a knot, then cross the strands and knot a second time (See Figure III). The fringe around the sleeves and the neckline measure 4.25"/11 cm after they are knotted. Around the neckline, make a serrated edging: make 1 single crochet, chain 5, make 1 single crochet in the same space as the first single crochet.
Repeat every 2 motifs. On the next round, cover the loops in single crochet (See Figure 11). Five single crochets for every loop and 1 single crochet in between the loops.

Corrected Stitch Pattern:

Trinity Stitch
Multiple of 2 stitches + 1 (add 1 for base chain)

Row 1: 1 single crochet in 2nd chain from the hook, single crochet 3 together (insert hook first in same chain as prvious single crochet, then in each of next 2 chains). *Chain 1, single crochet 3 together (insert hook first in same chain as 3rd leg of previous cluster, then in each of next 2 chains)*. Repeat from * to last chain, 1 single crochet in same chain as 3rd leg of previous cluster. Turn.

Row 2: Work In Front Loop Only Of Each Stitch. Chain 1, 1 single crochet in first stitch, single crochet 3 together (insert hook first in same chain as previous single crochet, then in top of next cluster then in next chain 1 space).
* Chain 1, single crochet 3 together (insert hook first in same space as 3rd leg of previous cluster, then in top of next cluster, then in next chain 1 space)*. Repeat from* to end. Work 3rd leg of last cluster in last single crochet of previous row, make 1 single crochet in same chain as 3rd leg of last cluster. Skip turning chain. Turn.

Repeat row 2.



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