Man's Knitted House Jacket 1924

This translation was made my a kind visitor to this site, Mary. She has tried it herself and translated the instructions. Think of her gratefully when you knit this cardigan, for she has had a very difficult private life while she did this but still kept her promise to do this translation. She's a real hero!


For home, the knitted garment has the elegance and the hard-wearing quality of the thickest flannel to which are added the softness and the elasticity of knitted fabric.

The style represented above is made in Welcomme's excellent 6 strand merino wool, color tobacco. The collar and the cuffs as well as the front button band and the pockets are in sand colored wool.

To make a size medium: you'll need about 500 grams of merino wool in tobacco and 50 grams in sand. Start with the back section at the bottom. Cast on 70 stitches and work in stockinette stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row). Make a hem measuring 15 cm then knit plain for 62 cm. Next, make 1 decrease at each end of the meedle every row until there are only 34 stitches left for the neckline. Cast off.

Left front: Cast on 50 stitches and make a hem in stockinette stitch measuring 15 cm then knit plain for 16 cm. Work the pocket independently on 27 stitches, 15 stitches from the edge on the right side. Knit plain for 54 rows. Pick up the stitches left in waiting and knit all the stitches for 3 cm. Now decrease 8 times at intervals of 3 or 4 rows then knit plain for 7 cm without decreasing. Next, increase 8 times at intervals of 3 or 4 rows (preferably on the right side and at each end of the row.)

When you have reached a length of 46 cm cast off 4 times every 4 rows for the armhole. Cast off 15 stitches on the front, one every row.

Right front: Exactly liket the other side, but what is on the right will be on the left, and there is no pocket at the top.

Trimming: Knit a band of 6 stitches in garter stitch (knit every row) that you will attach to the opening of each pocket. For the fronts, two bands of 10 stitches done in garter stitch; the one will have 7 buttonholes.

Collar: Cast on 86 stitches around the neckline and knit in rib (knit 1 stitch, purl 1 stitch) for 14 cm. At the edge on the right side of the work, knit the knit stitch through the back loop.

Sleeves: Begin from the top. Cast on 30 stitches and increase 1 stitch at each end of the needle until there are 68 stitches. Knit for 8 cm. After that, decrease at each end of the needle ever 10 rows. there should only bve 50 stitches left . The last 10 cm form the cuffs and these are made in the sand colored wool in knit1, purl 1 rib like the collar.