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Browne, Clare (ed.). Silk Designs of the Eighteenth Century. From the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. London: Thames and Hudson, 1996 see amazon.com
Mostly designs painted on paper, to be woven later at the Spitalfields silk manufacturies. Covers the whole 18th century as far as England is concerned.
Dupont-Auberville, A. Full-Color Historic Textile Designs. New York: Dover Publications, 1995. see amazon.com
The book is a reprint of a late 19th century "pattern book", one of the many from that time on the gerneral theme of ornamentation. It lacks explanations as the orginal explanatory plates were left out, and the print quality could be better (that's probably a shortcoming carried over from the original). Still, if you need info on which colours or patterns were used during a certain period, this one is a good bargain as it covers many eras while not being overly expensive.
King, Donald, and Santina Levey. The Victoria & Albert Museum's Textile Collection : Embroidery in Britain from 1200 to 1750. London: Victoria & Albert Museum, 1995. apparently out of stock
Few of the textiles in here are from garments, but it's awfully good inspiration for embroidery patterns and techniques, and general fabric decoration. Contains a lot of very detailed pictures.
Levey, Santina M. Lace: A History. Quite Specific Media Group Ltd, 2002 see amazon.com
Rothstein, Natalie (ed). A lady of fashion : Barbara Johnson's album of styles and fabrics. New York: Thames and Hudson , 1987 only at amazon.co.uk
Barbara Johnson kept a sort of diary of her dresses, with swatches of fabric, descriptions, and costs.The range is roughly 1780s to 1810s.


Ethnic Costume

(As far as discussed on this site)

Yamanaka Norio. The Book of Kimono. T˘ky˘: Kodansha, 1982 see amazon.com
The only kimono book in English, with a brief history, dyeing techniques, how to wear, etiquette... all you need.
Japanese Textiles (20 volumes). T˘ky˘: Ky˘to Shoin, 1993~ appears to be available only from Japanese book shops or the Publisher. If I interpret the Kanji correctly, the address is: Ky˘to Shoin, 8-6-1102 Akiguchi, Bunky˘-ku 1-ch˘me, T˘ky˘ 112. Fax: +81-3-5251-5943
Each small, bilingual (Japanese/English) volume is dedicated to a certain decorative technique or kind of kimono. With details on techniques and pictures of outstanding examples.
Szeibert-Sülzenfuhs, Rita. Die Münchnerinnen und ihre Tracht. Dachau: Verlagsanstalt "Bayernland",1997 see amazon.de
Best resource on Munich ladies' costume and its history I've seen so far. Like most books on the subject, it deals mainly with the costume of c. 1800-1840 (the "classic" era), but has some material on the development of garment items through the centuries before that. In German.
Laturell, Volker D. Trachten in und um MŘnchen. Geschichte - Entwicklung - Erneuerung. München: Buchendorfer, 1998 see amazon.de
The second best resource I know. The main focus is the Tracht renewal movement in Munich and neighbouring regions, providing material on the development of the costume of the area in the 18th and 19th centuries.





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