These shaded  stripes are  given a subtle  distinc-
tion by outlines that simulate cording in a darker
color.   This fabric is suitable  both in weight and
color  for  pajamas  or  shorts.   Boys  are  voting
strong for shorts of this fabric.
Fresh,  clear  colors  make this  candy stripe design
perfect  for   sleeping   pajamas  for   little  girls  or
boys.   Trimmed  with  white,  it will  also  be used
effectively for little boys' blouses and girls' dresses.
Crayon  stripes  are new and  doubly  smart when
they  come  in  these  daring  colors . . . which  are
by way of becoming great favorites with teen-age
girls, who like them for sleeping pajamas.
This printed broadcloth is notable for its expert
balance  of  color.   Its  all-over  floral  design is
handled  with a modernity  that  makes it  smart
either for sleeping pajamas or dresses.
All  the  mellow  color   and  naïve  charm  of  an
ancient fabric have been captured by this modern
designer  and  repoduced by  a new  block  print-
ing  process.     It  is  distinguished  for   lounging
pajamas, for smocks or quilted negligee robes.


The Cotton-Textile Institute, Inc., 320 Broadway, New York