Fashion of the Golden Twenties (1928/29)


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Blouse With Jabot, April 1928 15K Kasha Summer Coat, April 1928 16K
Travel Coat, April 1928 14K Two-colour Street Dress, April 1928 14K
Street Suits, April 1928 32K Summer Dress, April 1928 16K
Summer Dress, April 1928 16K Collection of Sleeve Shapes, 1928 21K
Sport and Street Dress, summer 1929 15K Silk Summer Dress, summer 1929 19K
Knicker Combinations, summer 1929 30K Crępe Georgette Dress, summer 1929 18K
Velvet Afternoon Dress, winter 1929 17K Moiré Evening Dress, winter 1929 22K
Taffeta Evening Dress, winter 1929 16K Afternoon Coat, winter 1929
Brocade Evening Coat, winter 1929 22K Crępe Georgette Evening Dress, winter 1929 20K




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